thank-you (1)I so appreciate your votes, your efforts at campaigning and getting the word out. Thank you SO MUCH! I can’t say enough how grateful I am for everyone who walked, made phone calls, talked about policies and stayed in the game… EVEN when they were tired and exhausted, they stayed right beside me, helping, encouraging and motivating others to vote. Thanks again, everyone!

The Ken Witt Family

The Ken Witt Family

As a long time resident of Jefferson County, I know every child should have access to a great education. Public education is key to the success of our community and to our country’s future. I am running for Jefferson County school board because I am committed to ensure that Jeffco students have excellent teachers, high-performing schools and leading academic, vocational and arts programs that equip them for a successful future by being college- and career-ready.

Excellence in Education

Ken Witt’s objective is to ensure excellence in education.

For years I have volunteered in our community to enrich the lives of our youth through involvement in school programs, the faith community and civic leadership. In my professional career, I have run businesses, led information technology departments and directed all aspects of business, so I know how to apply balanced leadership and develop policy to achieve goals with fiscal responsibility. Key to this is listening to the community to ensure we choose the best goals, and ensuring policy and financial transparency to permit the community to meaningfully participate in the process.

The board must set policy which assures continued academic opportunities are available to all.

I will work with the other Jeffco School Board members to ensure:

  • Jeffco students have access to the programs needed to graduate college- and career-ready;
  • Meaningful community engagement;
  • Accountability and transparency in decisions affecting students, schools, teachers, and administration;
  • Policies that attract and reward the best educators;
  • A safe and engaging learning environment in the classroom and around our schools;
  • Fiscal responsibility that assures that resources are allocated so that all students have access to a great education and money is focused in classrooms

My wife Deb and I have four children, three of whom have graduated from public schools and one daughter, Michaela, still in Jeffco public schools. I love this community, and am dedicated to ensuring Jeffco students excel through effective, responsible use of resources and accountability for academic performance.

I will be honored to serve your family on the Jeffco Board of Education. Thank you for your support!

Ken Witt

720.383.4KEN (4536)